A second Open Letter to Chipotle

As a long-time chipotle customer (I used to visit you when there was just the Evans & Gilpin store), I’m outraged by your miserable marketing. It all started a few years ago with your “let’s respond to literally every tweet anyone sends us” – the problem is that it was often impersonal & condescending. Now your “fake Twitter hack” has the internet outraged.

Chipotle used to focus on the food, quality ingredients, and honest marketing.

I strongly urge you to go back to that, because what you’re doing is douchey. I’ve switched to Illegal Pete’s and don’t see myself going back to you until you shitcan your marketing strategy.

I get that this email won’t change anything, but it’s a shame to see what this little company has turned into.

This is the 2nd Open Letter I’ve sent to Chipotle (here’s the first one). I hate when my favorite old companies become asswads.

  • ohnoyoude’eh

    As long as we are writing letters to people we are mad at I thought I would ride this coat tail and post my own open letter (if that’s ok).

    Dear Mr. Prebble (President & CEO)

    I paid to have my trash collected every Tuesday, since signing up for your service over a month ago you have not been by to collect it. It had been piling at the end of my driveway and today, I got another bill from you.

    I tried to call your company several times and left numerous messages. No one has returned my calls.

    So that is why I took all of my garbage and drove it over to your big-fancy-house and left it at your door step, along with a bill for gas, milage, labor and the three hours I missed of my Saturday morning off.

    Have nice day.