Mirth Day


Eric Warner, Flying Dog’s “Lead Dog” wrote a great blog entry today about Earth Day, and how people should celebrate the Earth every day by making some simple lifestyle changes. Instead of taking the bus to work one day a year, people can affect change in simple ways. Here’s something I’ve changed in my life’s routine to help out this place we call home:

Recycling – I recycle aluminum, glass, plastic and paper. The shitty thing about this is that my condo building doesn’t offer recycling, so I have to schlep my recycling offsite. The city of Denver offers free curbside recycling, but only in single-family homes and apartment buildings that are 8 units or less. I think this is total bullshit, and the city needs to look at a more inclusive recycling plan. But I wait until I can completely fill up my car with cans and bottles and paper (working at a beer company, I have been getting lots more glass to recycle the last 18 months). I recycle my shit near my brother’s house, so I go play with my nephews afterwards.

  • Eric Warner

    of course, if we lived in a state that had a bottle deposit law you wouldn’t have to worry about this. I remember going to college in Oregon and scraping together all the empties once a quarter or so and cashing em’ in for a few cases of full ones!

  • http://bankgothicoverload.com josh

    Yeah, that’s a good argument – maybe Colorado should rock the bottle deposit! I’m all about that. The only problem is that we’d have to print new labels, and we’d have to get new plates made (as would all beverage makers), which takes an environmental impact (in terms of materials, energy, etc.).

    But I’d guess that the bottle deposit would save more than printing would waste.

    Here is the Wikipedia article on Container Deposit Law

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