You can leave audio and video comments on my blog now!


I’ve added the plugin to my blog and you are now allowed to post audio and video comments to my blog. It’s a very cool and easy plugin to set up. Here’s the setting I needed to use on my MacBook Pro to allow the webcam to work: when you’re giving permission to to use your webcam (to make comments), set the camera to “USB Video Class Video“.

Feel free to leave audio and video comments at will! I know you all have webcams on your computers, or at least some sheisty microphone.

I started a new niche blog – The Not-So-Great Job Hunt

I have a friend who started a blog about how she’s looking for a new job. I also love trying to come up with opposite domain names for existing websites (like, which was already taken). And I love finding really horrible job opportunities and making fun of them.

Enter our new blog: The Not-So-Great Job Hunt.

We’re always looking for jobs that are terrible-sounding so that we can talk some shit about them. This blog may turn into a stagnant thing, is it a good idea to talk about jobs as we’re entering a recession? Perhaps all the job leads in the world will dry up. Only time will tell. I’m assuming that there will be enough jobs to make fun of.

Atari 2600, I salute you.

Atari mockup

One of my favorite bloggers and comedians is Todd Levin of fame. I’ve sort of been out of touch with his blog recently, as I’ve been caught up in the world of beer bloggers (I read about 70 beer blogs these days). But Todd recently wrote a few pieces for The Morning News about game consoles he’s known in his life and I remember everything he’s saying. Except that we also had a Commodore 64, which was fucking bad ass, especially the game Radar Rat Race.

Read Todd’s articles here, grouped under the name Consoles I have known. My favorite section is his discussion about Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for NES and the joy that ensued when Mike Tyson was finally bested.

Question for you guys: What is your fondest early video game console memory? I have a few:

1. Atari Ice Hockey – Here’s the original TV spot for the game. I loved how you could mangle the other player with your hockey stick and it would make that god-awful sound.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3 sucked my life away in elementary school. Holy shit, I was addicted to this.

Super Bowl Impressions – Fourth Quarter

1. Coke Ad – Coke runs “artistic” ads every year, well except for that whole “I’d like to teach the world to sing” thing like 30 years ago. Actually, that link is pretty damn awesome. Turns out it’s 35 years, and has the honor of being “the first historical ad ever to be restored in High Definition (HD). It can still be viewed by the public as it was donated to the Library of Congress in Washington DC in 2000.” Which is pretty cool, actually.

2. Coke ad with Bill Frist and James Carville – Does this mean that Coke donates money to both political parties to gain “cola favor” in government? Probably. This is a good Snopes article that’s related.

3. Second eTrade ad – I like when companies produce a few interchangeable spots for an ad campaign (instead of just producing 1 spot ad). To make an ad like this, it’s probably really easy to make two or three ads for just a little more money than one singular spot.

4. Bad Taco Bell Ad – Bad Taco Bell ads is public culture’s heartbeat, steady and strong. Ever since they urged you to “get laid at the bell”. Interestingly, here’s a cool BrandWeek article about expletives and their place in advertising. I like the NWA/Northweast Airlines stuff.

5. Gatorade Ad – Vitamin Water’s ad was much better. You got served, Gatorade.

6. New England is driving for the winning score, maybe? Well, at least a field goal. I figured that they’d have a chance to lose if and only if they scored under 20 points. My ideal ironic situation would be if the Pats were ahead the whole game and lost on the very last play. Undefeated until the last second. We’ll see what happens.

7. There are some good Super Bowl cakes and cupcakes photos on flickr. I never knew that there would be such amazing artistry. Check these out:

8. Touchdown Moss! Hot damn! He hasn’t done shit all night and then gets the touchdown with 2:42 to go! Ok, back to your regular scheduled programming.

9. Here are more good photos from flickr that are “super bowl dessert” related: (ew!)

this one is mormon-related and not dessert-related:

10. May I say that the “Non-alcoholic beverages advertised at the Super Bowl” club just got a little less exclusive. Enter Amp Energy. Which really turns out to be a Pepsi product. Which made me look into the different brands Coke owns. Hey, Coke owns Vitamin water! And they also own about a million other brands. Like SuperKools.
I’m not really sure what that is, even.

11. Crazy double catch with :59 seconds left! Amazing how Manning got out of the sack and then chucked it downfield.

12. Here’s a list of every Pepsi brand. Hey, Pepsi owns Gatorade. And SoBe. And also apparently the bottled Starbucks drinks. It’s interesting how different companies advertise their smaller brands on the World’s Stage like this instead of reinforcing their primary brand. I like that idea, because you can build huge brand awareness for this lesser brand, and that makes you more money. Maybe that’s why McDonalds isn’t advertising. But it would be crazy to have seen a Chipotle ad when they were affiliated with McDonalds

13. Manning to Burress touchdown! This is sort of exactly how I’ve envisioned this Super Bowl to end, with New England going almost all the way and then losing at the very end. I like how it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how you get to the Super Bowl, just that you win it.

14. Giants win. Holy shit. Pretty fucking surprising. I like how the coaches ran out onto the field a little early. But I don’t like how the Patriots just ran off the field before the Giants actually won. It actually makes this event less exciting than it should have. Poor form, Patriots. Poor form. Maybe that’s what I like about hockey, and how there’s the very professional handshake at the end of a series.

15. I also spaced that Pepsi owns Taco Bell and Doritos. It’s crazy how many spots are really from the same parent company.

16. This is probably the first time that brothers have won consecutive Super Bowls as starting quarterback. Take that, Bryan brothers and Williams sisters!

OK, this is finally done. That was a lot more time-consuming than I had expected. But sort of fun. The game was close, which was nice. I sort of had a feeling it was going to be a blowout and I was just going to stop watching the game, but it wasn’t! I don’t mind as much that the Giants won, even though I’m so anti-Giants (that link is actually cool – goes to the New York Times’ NFL blog).

Super Bowl Impressions – Halftime and Third Quarter

1. Tom Petty moving super v guitar thing on field is very phallic. But he’s a bad ass. Who gets to run on the field during the halftime show, anyone who has a ticket? It looked to be sort of crappy to have to run your ass off to get to the front. I wonder if there are any injuries right now because of that. Most likely so.

2. Dish Network DVR ad – Frank Caliendo and his John Madden impression tells you that his super-special DVR with Dish Network can make these amazing instant replays. Trouble is, can’t any DVR do that? It’s a silly ad if you’re just highlighting something that any cable/satellite company offers. Try talking about something that makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitiors? If you don’t have any, make something. In this world, you can get more or less the same thing from a variety of retailers. I think that a brand’s uniqueness is what makes it desireable.

3. ads contianing weird tribal rituals – We mock what we don’t understand.

4. looks like a bunch of salesman put it together. By salesmen, for salesmen! Yuck.

5. Shaq Vitamin Water ad – I like the creativity of their spots, but taking something that appears ridiculous and making it feasible based on your choice of sports drink is what America is all about! Well, that’s why I drink Mountain Dew, after all.

6. Bridgestone just had a spot with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons in it, and neither of them had any lines. Obviously, they aren’t in these spots for their celebrity opinion. Which makes me think about those horrible Michael Imperioli HD-DVD ads – looks like he picked the wrong side.

7. Hyundai Genesis ad – It’s an interesting ad, especially how it turns the whole “only show the logo in the last 3 seconds of the ad” technique into a strength. The consumer sees this wonderful car that looks very classy and worth money, and then at the end they realize they can save money at the same time. Hyundai is pretty much borrowing from Lexus’ playbook in these ads, though. They’re sort of the Southwest Airlines of the car world.

8. Myspace will have all the Super Bowl ads on their site. This is sort of a fuck you to Facebook and YouTube, but when you really get down to it, Fox owns Myspace so it’s free advertising. I guess YouTube sponsors political debates (jointly with CNN), but the difference is that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH THE SUPER BOWL.

9. eTrade baby ad – the web-quality video angle is a clever way to hide the weirdness of seeing a baby talk – i always think when they use CGI to make the babies talk, it looks funky. Plus the kid spits up, which is classy. I sort of wish it was projectile vomiting, though.

10. Tom Brady is really getting his ass kicked. This is keeping the Giants in the game.

11. Wall-E – I’m a fan of all things Pixar, but Wall-E looks really cool. The robot looks more human than some humans I know (that guy i know who drives a lumber truck for the last 5 years, I’m looking in your direction. Oh, and also the most boring person in the world, too. You know who you are).

12. This is a lot of writing considering nobody is reading this anyway. But I’m still having fun. Sort of.