A second Open Letter to Chipotle

As a long-time chipotle customer (I used to visit you when there was just the Evans & Gilpin store), I’m outraged by your miserable marketing. It all started a few years ago with your “let’s respond to literally every tweet anyone sends us” – the problem is that it was often impersonal & condescending. Now your “fake Twitter hack” has the internet outraged.

Chipotle used to focus on the food, quality ingredients, and honest marketing.

I strongly urge you to go back to that, because what you’re doing is douchey. I’ve switched to Illegal Pete’s and don’t see myself going back to you until you shitcan your marketing strategy.

I get that this email won’t change anything, but it’s a shame to see what this little company has turned into.

This is the 2nd Open Letter I’ve sent to Chipotle (here’s the first one). I hate when my favorite old companies become asswads.

Westword Music Showcase 2013 Rdio Playlists

I’m a music nerd. And when I go to festivals, I like to know what I’m in for. Especially when I’ve hardly ever heard of any of the bands. I’m going to the Westword Music Showcase in Denver on Saturday. And while I believe that this is something that the festival should be taking care of themselves – or you should hire me to do it – I took it upon myself to make Rdio playlists of as many performing bands as I could.

So over the next 60 hours, take a listen to the playlists (organized chronologically by venue) and make a cheat sheet of bands you want to see, If you want to be really nerdy, color code your list so you can have fall-backs in case the band stinks, or you can’t make it to the venue.

To the music!

Westword Music Showcase 2013 Main Stage Rdio Playlist

City Hall Amphitheater Rdio Playlist

City Hall Upstairs Rdio Playlist

City Hall Street Level Rdio Playlist

Roostercat Coffee House Rdio Playlist

Vinyl Rooftop Rdio Playlist

Bar Standard Rdio Playlist

Stoney’s Rdio Playlist

Cantina Rdio Playlist

100% De Agave Rdio Playlist (warning, not all bands contain 100% agave)

Curious Theatre Rdio Playlist

Broadway’s Rdio Playlist

Rooster & Moon Rdio Playlist

La Rumba Rdio Playlist

Dazzle Rdio Playlist

When good companies go bad


Your stupid fucking “update your software” prompt came up and I was working on something in Adobe Illustrator. Since there’s no “quit” or “later” option, I was forced to launch your ridiculous App Store. Upon launch, I received a “because of a problem, your computer has to be restarted” gray screen.

I lost a good portion of my design work. All because you neglected to think that maybe we don’t want to upgrade the software on our computers at the instant of OS X’s choosing.


Because you just wasted at least an hour of my time.